Market Update - July 2022

Market Update – January

What’s ahead in our housing markets in the next year or two?

This is a common question people are asking now that the housing markets have transitioned from the once-in-a-generation property boom experienced in 2020 -21 to the adjustment phase of the property cycle.

Adelaide has continued to stand out as the nation’s strongest capital city housing market.

Through the growth cycle, Adelaide housing values have increased by 44% adding roughly $197,000 to the median dwelling value.

Most of this growth has been centred in the housing market rather than units, with values up 48% through the cycle to date, while unit values are up a smaller 23%.

One of the key factors pushing up prices is the ongoing shortage of advertised supply.

However, the Adelaide property market has now joined the rest of Australia in its housing slowdown falling 0.2% in the last month, but still up 44.2% since the pandemic began in March 2020.

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