Do you own a Swimming Pool?

In light of this glorious weather, it is an opportune time of the year to brush up on pool requirements in SA.

If you’re planning on selling a property with a swimming pool or spa that was built before July 1993, the child safety barriers in place must comply with Ministerial Building Standard MBS 004 before settlement, thereby ensuring that barriers separate the pool area from the house.

If selling a property with a pool or spa that was built after July 1993, you must comply with the rules that were current when the application for construction was submitted, ensuring that access to the pool from the house, garage, street, and adjoining properties is restricted.

All new pools built after April 2014 must be inspected by the council within two months of completion of the child-safety barriers. Additionally, since May 2016, all new pools and spas must have clear signage to assist with the provision of first aid and CPR.

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